Music lovers, help us create a
culture of positive change.

Live music is the heartbeat of our cities and towns. Your Choice is a music industry supported initiative, created to address the growing cultural issues and harmful behaviour within our landscape, affecting the rhythm.

We’re starting a conversation around personal and collective responsibilities, addressing actions that impact the overall experience of patrons.

It’s time for change, it’s time to engage. You have a role as do we; your choice becomes our story.

It’s Your Choice

We all have the right to a good time, but not at the expense of others. Music should be a safe space. Physical and verbal assaults (ranging in severity) are all too common, impacting the individual and collective audience experience. We’re asking everyone to think about their behaviour at live gatherings and the lasting concequences it has on the people around them. Engage in the conversation, call out bad behaviour, report what you see and join us in demanding change.


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Your Choice is about being culturally proactive, we don’t want to stick our heads in the sand around any of these issues and pretend they are not happening. As industry representatives, we will continue to work with the public, emergency services, community groups and government agencies to develop informed and preventative strategies rather than legislative, restrictive solutions.

Your Choice and Falls Festival partner in support of Artists’ Charties

It’s getting haute in here! The Falls Festival is partnering with Your Choice and giving you the opportunity to expand your wardrobe with a limited edition set of T Shirts….while helping out some great causes at the same time!

Our mates from Dune Rats, Flume, The Smith Street Band and Ecca Vandal and Falls Festival itself will have a unique piece that has been specially designed, on offer at all Falls events. Angus and Julia Stone will have a run of Your Choice labeled tour merch for their charity.

There are very limited quantities, so you need to get in quick to take home a special memento from the show which will make you look great on the outside and feel great the inside, as all of the profits will be donated to the artists charity of choice!


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Ecca VandalAsylum Seeker Resource Center
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"Your Choice is an important conversation to have. Australia is one of the most highly regulated countries in the world with lots of checks and balances in place that help make you safe. Who is responsible for the decisions you make? At its core, Your Choice is a discussion about safety at gigs, concerts and festivals and how we can collectively have an inclusive, supportive good time at these shows. Your Choice will start the conversation and we hope, positively shift the behavioural culture that seems so prevalent these days. We’re into it!" Jessica Ducrou and Paul Piticco Co CEO’s Secret Sounds

"UNIFIED completely supports the Your Choice campaign and through our collective network we will continue to promote positive behavior at live music events. It's incredible to already see the industry really getting behind this fantastic cause.” Jaddan Comerford CEO and Founder of UNIFIED Music Group

“We are happy to see the music industry continue to be proactive in tackling these issues. We agree there needs to be a wider conversation around behavior and individual accountability, and we will continue to work with festival promoters and industry to develop and implement strategies to ensure safe environments for all music fans. Having a central place like Your Choice, industry can go to for ideas around harm minimization and experienced contacts who can help them develop strategies, as well as a forum for discussion is a win for everyone.” Craig Lapsley Commissioner Emergency Management Victoria 

“We bring people together to share in remarkable cultural experiences. Providing a safe environment to collectively experience live music is our number one priority. We’re proud to support Your Choice in creating cultural change in the live music scene. We all have a role to play in ensuring music can be enjoyed free of fear and risk from unacceptable behaviour.” Claire Spencer, CEO, Arts Centre Melbourne.

“As the world’s leading concert promoter Live Nation is fully committed to providing the best experience possible for our audiences and for our team members at all of our live music events. We want to ensure that everyone involved has an inclusive, supportive, safe, and fun time. Accordingly we are happy to support the Your Choice initiative. Anything that shines light on these issues, encourages open, honest discussion and assists with the development of measures to prevent or minimise harm in the live performance environment is a big step in the right direction for all of us”. Michael Coppel Chairman of Live Nation Australasia

“Sexual harassment and assault is endemic in our society, it’s prevalence is often a barrier to women and our LGBTQI communities being able to connect and participate in not just Live Music Culture but everyday life. I’m so pleased to see a united community response coming from our Music Sector. Your Choice is a campaign with a clear message, exercise respect, because everyone has an equal right to enjoy our music scene free from harm”. Helen Marcou Co Founder of SLAM / Owner Bakehouse Studios

“Laneway Festival supports and encourages any positive initiatives that opens up a conversation that encourages awareness, education and a creation of safe spaces for artists to perform for their fans. Respect for everyone is a mandate of the Laneway team and we believe that Your Choice is a positive message that reflects our core values” Danny Rogers Laneway Festival

“The Hills Are Alive Group and its associated industry partners are in full support of the YOUR CHOICE campaign. It is our belief that through industry collaboration we can continue to promote and proactively influence what is acceptable and expected behaviour at all live music events and ultimately within our broader community. We take great pride in providing safe and inclusive environments for all to enjoy.” Rhett McLaren Co-Director, The Hills Are Alive Group